I found a medical-related company for sale and the terms seem too good to be true. After I made my initial offer, her "counter" was even better than what my offer was. I have a feeling that I'm dealing with a seller who is very inexperienced or something. The broker is sort of unknown and also does not seem to be fully aware of the sales process. Broker sounds like a nice lady, but is not on LinkedIn and has a very basic website with no other listings. Almost makes me think it's a scam or I'm missing something really important. Here are the terms offered:

- $800,000 sale price
- Seller will finance $600K of the sale price over 10 years at 3% interest. I only need to put in $200K down.
- $470K-600K SDE for 5 years straight (around 1.6x SDE valuation)
- Seller wants to stay on for a full year to help with the transition.
- Seller claims to work full time at a hospital as an employee and manages this after hours.
- Seller is about 45 years old and says she's over worked and wants to focus on her main job at the hospital.

She Will sell real estate of the business for around $450K using a commercial loan. This is an asset sale, but there are many contracts which need to be transferred over.

Even as we are close to the LOI, she keeps making things more attractive without me even asking. For example, she just offered to include all the company cars used for personal use on the sale for no additional cost ($60K value in total - one is a relatively new Tesla). There are repairs to the real estate which need to be done and she said she will knock off $30K in price without me asking.

I met the seller in person and she seems perfectly nice and reasonable. Company has a good reputation and no pending lawsuits. Am I being paranoid to think this is too good to be true and to be highly skeptical of this deal? What sorts of monsters could be hiding in the closet on a deal like this?