Looking at a manufacturing/distribution business with a strong services component included. (For illustration purposes, think of a fence company that manufactured a unique type of fence but the service side of the business was general fencing installation.) There is an opportunity to acquire only the service component of the business while leaving the manufacturing and distribution with the seller as they have another complex manufacturing business in a different industry that could easily absorb this carved out product.

Currently, the target business is vertically integrated and is utilized by the services side of the business, albeit minimally. The branding and trade name are strong and I would like to continue the use of the name post-close given the rich history and brand awareness.

I am wondering if anyone has any good ideas on deal structure around carving out the manufacturing/distribution business while providing a way to acquire the service side of the business with the branding in tact. To be clear, we would utilize the manufactured products as needed going forward but would de-risk the acquisition and put the focus solely on the service business post-close.

Any creative thoughts around structure where the product manufacturing is carved out and I would buy only the service business and retain the current branding?