I'm sharing a deal per the request of a broker. High level details are below. Please dm me if you would like to be connected with the broker.

Location: Atlanta Metropolitan Area
Business: High-growth niche sports retail store, purpose-built arena, and online sales
Employees: 13
2020 Revenue/EBITDA: $1.3M / $160K
2021 Revenue/EBITDA: $2.7M / $424K
Note: It appears the majority of sales (as well as the highest growth and highest margin segment) is online sales. I personally passed on the deal for this reason as I'm looking for a predominantly location-based business as opposed to ecommerce.

Disclaimer: The broker offered to share a portion of his fee with me if I refer a successful buyer. We do not have an arrangement formalized & I would need to confirm the legality of this before I accept any compensation.