Acquiring a Business is complex and challenging - there a lot of moving parts.Anyone tells you different should have their head examined.Just remember this:you cannot acquire a business without learning the language of business.The Language of Business is Accounting.Without a grasp of accounting, it's difficult to understand when a deal is good and when you're getting taken for a ride.Without the proper language skills in accounting, you'll be playing the guessing game instead of crunching numbers – making it hard to know if you're spending time on a good deal or not.Deal Review Genius will help you identify the Red Flags so you can avoid making huge financial mistakes - and save freaking ton of time in your search.What you are getting inside:1.What Financial Report Cards to Ask For and Why - Same ones Warren Buffett does2.What Red Flags to look for in the Income Statement3.The Red Flags to look for in the Balance Sheets4.What Red Flags to look for in the Cash Flow Statement5.What formulas you use to score the business6.How to spot trends on the business is it improving or declining?7.Where you find the benchmarks to measure your deals numbersWhy would you want to join this workshop?You cannot win the game of business without the critical business and financial skills required to win.This workshop will help you;1.Avoid horrible financial mistakes2.Save time by finding the best deals3.Feel confident in your decision making"If you can't read the scoreboard, you don't know the score.If you don't know the score, you can't tell the winners from the losers."- Warren Buffett
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