I will be at an internal Murphy Business Sales conference next week and wanted to see if there is a way to gather data points from searchers on this group in terms of the following.

1. Ideal Search Geography, e.g., Global, US only, US or Canada, Northeast US, Southwest US, etc.
2. Ideal search industry sector, e.g., HVAC, Residential HVAC, NAICS###-###-#### , SIC Code: 1711, etc.
3. Ideal EBITDA, e.g., $1mm - $2mm, $2mm - $3mm, etc.
4. Ideal EBITDA multiple, e.g., 2x-3x, 2x- 5x, etc.
5. Biggest Deal breaker/ Pet Peeve, e.g., too many addbacks, requiring too many new employees to replace the family, selling owner expecting an all-cash offer, lender(s) not willing to lend to the industry, not enough opportunities out there, etc.

I would love to share aggregated information with my fellow intermediaries at the conference who are interested in learning more about the broader search community. Also happy to make introductions if anyone is looking to launch an active retained search.