Hi Searchfunder Community -

Reaching out to introduce my firm, Cypress Growth Capital. We are a unique alternative to traditional senior acquisition financing.

Historically my firm has invested in high-growth, bootstrapped tech and tech-enabled service businesses via a non-dilutive royalty model. I believe that our unique financing structure is well-suited for searchers who are looking to invest generally in technology companies. Our broad investment criteria can be found below. Please message me if you have any questions or would like to know more.

Cypress Growth Capital provides unique, non-dilutive capital in the form of a royalty-based loan. Compared to traditional debt, our solution provides much more flexibility with minimal covenants, no fixed payments, and no personal guarantees. Additionally our cost of capital is capped and much less expensive than equity.

Typical investment criteria: Total capital need from $1M - $5M Technology or tech-enabled services businesses Run-rate revenue $3M or greater EBITDA breakeven (roughly) Geography agnostic (but no deals in CA, MA, NY, or FL) - US only

Shoot me a private message if interested in learning more