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Cybersecurity & Risk Mitigation SaaS Platform Looking to raise 2.5M from Equity Investor(s) Non-redacted Pitch Deck, Investment offering summary & current + Proforma financials available post NDA. This SaaS software helps companies achieve Cybersecurity compliance up to 6 times faster & 10 times cheaper. It is an immensely powerful, patented, AI-enabled software capable of helping companies achieve Cybersecurity Compliance. Through research, development & 70 contracted customers, this SaaS platform has validated product/market fit in key segments: • Government • Defense Contracting • Health Care • Finance • Education • Manufacturing This SaaS solution is first to market in this space. There is tremendous support from the government & technology sectors. Current board members include: • Former Pennsylvania governor • Former US Secretary of Homeland Security • Former Deputy CIO US Department of Defense • Cybersecurity Leader CitiGroup • Former Managing Director IBM • Many More This investment opportunity is 2.5M (USD) in exchange for a 41.6% equity stake, with a planned 5-year exit via IPO or resale. The capitalization table (post money) is as follows: Person Shares % ownership CEO 225 21.45% COO 225 21.45% Founder 100 8.00% VCISO 50 2.50% Dev 50 2.50% CTO 50 2.50% Equity* 300 41.60% *Represents investors equity position 1000 shares Through immediate restructuring of existing company operations, the business will attain profitability and positive cash flow within 3 months. Revenues: • 70 contracted customers • In year 1 of 3-year contracts • Revenues (ARR) $420,000 annually Please reply below with information for where to send NDA.

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