Seeking capital.
We are in discussions with the ownership of a custom manufacturing business located in the Bay Area. The company sells its products to biotech and pharmaceutical firms and research institutions. These customers have a constant need to reinvest in the company's products in order to remain competitive in their R&D efforts. The company has historically done about $1.2m adjusted EBITDA on $5m in revenue. The seller built the business and is now ready to retire. His children have not been interested in stepping up to run the operation. By injecting new energy into sales motions, we believe there are substantial opportunities for growth. Due to a large and diverse number of seller addbacks in the financials, we're pursuing non-SBA debt financing. Although we're still in the processes of confirming these options, we will most likely need to raise about $350k in additional equity to get the deal done. Equity and/or debt investors that might be interested in hearing more about this, I would appreciate the chance to connect. Thanks!

San Jose, CA, USA
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