Im looking to find some better data on sale for custom cabinet business. Looked at the transaction tool on here and have some ideas. He is the rub, the company does about half as a contractor and half as a manufacturer. Furthermore the deal has to be done with the real estate. SDE is around 800k, the real estate purchase would drop the SDE down to sub 500k probably closer to 300k ebit.

Their ask is irrelevant as that number doesn’t count the sale of the land even though they require it.

Seems like most deals out there are based on ebitda, and not ebit. This is a machine heavy business so depreciation really inflates the numbers. Ebit, valuation to me feels like it should be in the 2 to 3 range at most, but was hoping for some insights or data sources to help construct an offer that I can hopefully do my best to educate the seller with. It is a shot in the dark and I’m good on the long real estate play with this business.