This is an FYI for folks creating an LLC in the state they reside. I was under the impression that I needed a service to do this for me (LegalZoom, ZenBusiness, etc.), but after research it seems that much of what these services offer can be found by simply going to the websites of the state you reside, and the IRS. I live in Connecticut, and creating an LLC was as simple as a 5 minute online form and $120 fee. The IRS has a similar trivial form to receive an EIN number in just a few minutes. So before shelling out $500 + state fees for one of these services, look into your own state to see if the process is straightforward.

However, these services can be helpful if you are creating an LLC in the state you are not residing, because they can be your Registered Agent in that state, which is often a requirement.

This is clearly not legal advice, but hoping to save some folks time and money if they in a similar situation.