Hello everyone,

My name is Rithvik Duggireddy and I am currently a freshman at Cornell University majoring in Applied Economics and Management (AEM) at the Dyson School of AEM. I am currently seeking an internship at a fund for the summer, either remote or, if in-person, in the Atlanta region (around May 30th[redacted]September 2nd 2021).

I have been introduced to modeling and deal analysis skills during my first year at Cornell through coursework, campus organizations, and the resources provided by the SC Johnson College of Business, such as the Pillars of Wall Street modules. Therefore, I can assist firms by performing tasks related to due diligence, valuation, financial modeling, or administrative work.

I would love to gain initial experience in finance, an industry that I have gained significant interest in after joining a business fraternity this semester and going through a rigorous 10-week education process. Feel free to contact me if I may be a good fit for any openings at your company.

Thank you for your time.