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“'Green Copper' is a key ingredient for decarbonisation. Here is a short video explaining that the world will need “10 million tons” more copper per year to meet the “Green Copper” demand: “ The Project: The Kolwezi Dump in the DRC is a shovel-ready project because of work previously done a by third party; which only requires some updating. The dump consists of a SAMREC indicated resource of 12Mt at 1.18% Cu and 0.27% Co containing 141,500 tons of Cu and 32,500 tons of Co. Mission: To produce environmentally friendly or low carbon Copper and Cobalt from a redundant Tailings Storage Facility that can be sold as “green” Copper in the Market. The Cobalt will most probably be sold as Cobalt hydroxide. Market: Research firm Fitch Solutions Country Risk and Industry predict that the market forecast for green copper will grow from 1.5-million tonnes in 2020 to five-million tonnes in 2030; and that green copper as a percentage of total copper demand will rise from about 5.6% this year to 15.7% in###-###-#### With a market shortfall of 5Mt per annum from 2025 to 2030 and total demand assumed to double from 31Mt in 2030 to 60Mt by 2050, the demand will outstrip supply for years to come. Reach out if you are interested in Copper Projects, I have a teaser to share. You can schedule a Zoom call here: Thanks

South Africa
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