Our Conversations represent a unique opportunity for you to think about what you need to know and do to achieve your business objectives and then tap into the collective experience of our featured speakers via the Convenor of the Conversation.

Below are links to some short video extracts, 2-3 mins each, from previous Conversation events, Designed to give you a taste of the quality of insights from those within the HUBB community of business owners.

1) Ed Cowan, Entrepreneur, ex Australian Cricketer, Investor @ TDM Growth Partners speaking about "Why company Culture is so critical for Investors", now and for the future.

2) Rebecca Grant, Entrepreneur & CEO of iCourts, speaks about Change in the rapidly changing Legal & IT landscape.

3) James Spenceley, Chairman, Air Tasker speaks about getting business owners to focus on the reality of planning, creating a connection between "reality and where you want to be".

4) Jon Brett, Chairman of Stridecorp, shares his insights of what he looks for when investing in a business.

Remember even during Covid-19, investment opportunities still exist - are you prepared?