I have a construction related deal under LOI, which is outside my typical area of expertise (e-commerce, digital marketing) and want to see if anyone in the SF community has applicable experience in the space and interest in an investor/board/advisory role.

Over the last several years, YOY revenue has grown ~20% annually, with 2020 revenue of $6 million and EBITDA of ~$1.3 million. It's run by an owner who handles everything himself, aside from bookeeping, and he does not use any software or technology in his business processes - to give you an idea, he still stacks paper invoices on his desk with a stapler serving as a paper weight. The business is located in the Pac Northwest region.

Ideally, I would like to find an investor with industry experience, who has been down this road before and can help us integrate the right tools/technology/infrasctruture so we can scale the business.