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Topsail Capital Advisors is excited to present an exceptional opportunity to acquire or partner with a rapidly emerging RNG-focused Fleet, Transportation, and Trucking business. Over the past year, the Business has undergone significant transformation, redirecting its focus to become a premier RNG-focused transportation provider in the Southeast. This strategic shift has yielded remarkable results, securing multiple large, multi-year transportation contracts with prominent public and private companies in the United States and Europe, including industry leaders. Notably, additional substantial contracts are pending, including significant agreements with an aeronautics business and raw material processor. The cumulative value of these contracts is projected to reflect a bright future ahead for the Business. What sets the Business apart is its commitment to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) as a solution to the environmental challenges faced by large corporations. By introducing RNG trucks into its fleet, the Business has positioned itself as a sustainable transportation option, earning substantial annual revenue through its contracts. The Business's proactive approach to adopting alternative fuel vehicles aligns with the sustainability goals of its clients and unlocks significant financial benefits. The Business stands to receive rebates that will become highly profitable as it commits to converting its entire fleet from diesel to RNG trucks over the next 24 months. The Business currently operates across three strategically located yards near the Charleston Port Terminals and major highways in the Southeast. Through a partnership with an umbrella trucking group, the Business has access to a vast network of tractors. Growth in RNG vehicles is a key focus moving forward, with plans to significantly increase the number of RNG trucks over the next few years. This will dramatically enhance gas rebates, tax incentives, and opportunities to win additional contracts. The Business's forward-thinking strategy places it at the forefront of one of the largest transportation shifts in recent memory. With the integration of RNG trucks into its fleet and an established partnership with an umbrella group, the Business is well-positioned to capitalize on rapid growth opportunities. The Business's track record of securing previously unattainable contracts with major US corporations highlights its potential for continued success in the evolving transportation landscape. Ownership is looking for compelling offers & would expect earnouts based on future projections and productivity for several years post-sale. Contact Reese Wilson for NDA & CIM Package Materials *Note that EBITDA & Revenue are projected based on currently held contracts*

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South Carolina, USA
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