Hey all, and Happy Mother's Day! Very happy to be part of this vibrant community,

I am considering acquiring an E-Bike brand based in the US. The bikes are sourced from an exclusive manufacturer in China. The brand has a rather differentiated product (i.e. stylish and affordable). However, the market is hyper-competitive and I am concerned CAC will increase and margins will compress over time. My plan is the increased TAM###-###-#### % CAGR), potential tax credits, and other demand tailwinds will offset lower margins.

Has anyone considered acquiring a larger-ticket (e.g. ~$1000) ecommerce brand in a highly competitive vertical? How did you evaluate the business?

Does anybody with experience diligencing a deal like this, or with a personal interest in E-Bikes open to connecting? I would love to chat with you!

Please comment, DM, or give me a shout on LinkedIn.

Thank you,