Hi everyone,

After a fulfilling 15-year career in digital marketing, I find myself at an incredibly exciting moment- launching a search fund. In my time as a marketer I've helped teams navigate through growth phases, rebrands, and even towards IPOs and acquisitions by focusing on marketing performance and product refinement.
My journey has provided me with a deep understanding of the nuances driving product success in the digital landscape. In this next chapter, I'm looking to expand on these principles at scale through ETA.

That said, I am looking to acquire businesses that could benefit greatly from deeply integrating technology into their marketing or operations, or existing services businesses (marketing agencies, IT staffing, product development agencies etc.,) with fantastic relationships with their clients.

If you're a fellow searcher or investor in Seattle (greater PNW), or St. Louis/Chicago area I would love to connect over a coffee or a beer. I am open to international deals as well, but starting my search locally. Always looking to see how I can help others drive marketing and operational efficiency to bring exciting ideas and companies to market, so please reach out with any questions you might have.