Hello Searchfunder community,

I’m thrilled to share that I am embarking on a search fund journey aimed at identifying a single high-potential company to acquire in Chile. With a background in strategy consulting at McKinsey (4 years), technology and innovation at IBM (3 years), and supported by my academic journey at ESADE Business School (MBA) and Imperial College London (Engineering), I am well position to make this enterprise a success.

The fund will start by focusing on companies in the Mining Services, Health Technology, and Water Resource Management sectors, employing a rigorous analytical framework but remaining open to pivot to different industries as the search progresses. The aim is to follow a traditional search fund approach.

We are currently seeking searchers and investors who share our enthusiasm for the Chilean economy’s potential and are interested in connecting and partnering with us. If you have an interest in or connections to the Chilean search fund community, we encourage you to connect with us.