Seeking capital.
Hello Searchfunders, I run NOVICA, the 2nd largest global marketplace focusing on artisans - we acquired and we’re launching a major marketplace challenger to Etsy ($10B). This is a deep impact deal with a lot of upside - (National Geographic, UNICEF, Smithsonian, $28M revenue) and (an Etsy challenger with heart, $1B scale opportunity, onboarding US artisans as well as artists around the world). Our AI powered app is a game-changer that will help creators all over the world get their products online. Now they can have their products listed, described and ready to sell with our new AI app. NOVICA & are profoundly impactful - economic empowerment, women’s empowerment, village development at the global level, artisan support at the US local level, preserving traditional skills from Appalachia to the Amazon, and most importantly… the handmade way is the low carbon impact way. Shifting from factory production to individuals crafting by hand is great for local communities and great for the environment. We’re closing out the second tranche of our preferred stock round that is about 75% subscribed, so there’s some room if you'd like to participate. Send me a note and I can provide more details. thanks!

Santa Monica, CA, USA
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