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Summary Located in Northern Colorado, this heating and air conditioning company specializes in maintenance, service, installation, and retrofit, along with sheet metal fabrication and installation. With six work vans, the company provides quality HVAC Service for commercial, industrial, municipal, aggregate, medical and governmental clients. The company has established a strong foundation to build on. Thanks to 20+ years of high ratings and diversified revenues 2023 reached $2,119,588 in total Sales alongside Discretionary Earnings of $1,004,300 with EBITDA of $829,125. Gross sales projections are estimated at a stable $2.2 Million for 2024! Measuring up to 4,200 square feet, the industrial property is in great condition and includes five office spaces and a large shop in the warehouse. The monthly tenancy of $4,000 can be continued or the property could be purchased.

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Colorado, USA
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