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This commercial cleaning franchise has the market cornered! With five locations, one on each of Hawaii’s most populated islands, this business benefits from excellent name recognition, resulting in repeat clients and little need for advertising. These 27+ repeat commercial clients include some of the largest entities in Hawaii, such as industrial agricultural companies. They also have the exclusive license in Hawaii to clean one of America’s most popular drapery brands and are Green Seal certified. Their experienced general managers and technicians are self-sufficient, helping to generate over $2.8 million in sales in 2021! There is also an excellent opportunity to expand into the residential sector if desired. The current owners plan to stay on for a minimum of one year to assist the new owner through a profitable contract renewal happening early 2023. While many businesses suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic, this commercial cleaning business benefitted from the necessity for cleanliness- boasting an $800,000 increase in sales in 2020! This increase has been maintained through 2021, as companies have a greater appreciation for a clean workplace. Their Green Seal certification ensures the highest quality standards in cleaning practices, instilling a high level of trust between this cleaning business and their repeat clientele. Between this certification and their drapery cleaning license, they can provide exclusive services that cannot be found anywhere else in Hawaii. Any potential owner can feel comfortable knowing that the current owner will train for a minimum of one year to assist in learning the ropes of contract renewals and management on multiple islands. A new owner will have the flexibility to continue to run the business as is or expand as desired into the residential sector or to other Hawaiian islands. Priced at $2,400,000, this business will produce $266,967 after debt payments in the first year!

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