Seeking capital.
“They bought a $1.5 billion technology business. Then shut it down 4 years later.” UNDER LOI. We are seeking debt capital to acquire a controlling interest in a technology company with a unique value proposition and SaaS opportunities. History: In 2010, Agilent Technologies bought Varian Technologies for $1.5 Billion. They closed the company four years later. To this day, universities, labs, and consumer products companies around the world that spent millions of dollars acquiring these highly-specialized scientific devices from Varian struggle to keep them operating. One small company stepped in and became a national provider of monitoring, maintenance, and repairs to these complex instruments. Founded in 1986 by a leading figure in the industry, the company also refurbishes and sells these instruments, bringing margins in excess of 40%. The company is also the sole U.S. distributor of a competing upstart instrument manufacturer. Offering improved technology, lower prices, and more reliable service, it stands to become a leader in this burgeoning field. Future growth opportunities Leverage current owner’s contacts and reputation in the field to identify and roll up the service market Develop and deploy a SaaS monitoring platform; Expand to other scientific instruments Create a multi-tiered subscription-based service with geographical and vertical concentrations Phase out the sale of refurbished instruments; deploy a full-scale sales initiative of the new instruments Projected Equity - Post Acquisition Buyer is seeking to acquire a 51% controlling interest in the company Seller will retain a 49% equity interest and continue as a manager Source of Funds: Senior debt and buyer cash: $3,875,000 Use of Funds: Cash to seller in the amount of $3,675,000 Acquisition costs in the amount of $200,000 Primary Contact: JC Schnabl, Ed.D., MBA

Northeast U.S.
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