Hi all – I’m a self-funded searcher based in Chicago and am opportunistically seeking to add a partner. I’m early days in my search (i.e., 2-3 months) and am fully content pursuing my ETA journey “solo,” however, if I meet the right individual with complementary background/skills, and where a partnership would yield synergies, I’d absolutely consider joining forces.
A bit about me: ex investment banker (J.P. Morgan), ex-private equity ($5bn mid-market PE fund), formerly ran my own investment fund for the last 7 years. I’m now pivoting into ETA to acquire, run, and grow my own SMB.
My desired search criteria: services-based business with $1-$3m EBITDA (~20%+ margins) located in the Chicago-land area (would be open to considering other tier 1 cities for the right business)
Industries of interest: • General preference for services-based businesses, but some particular industries of intrigue include: Vet care, Dental care, CPA/Accounting firms, Home Health care, Insurance Brokerage, Physical/Developmental Therapy, Ambulatory Services, Testing & Inspection • Ideal target would be able to survive and flourish as a stand-alone enterprise, however would benefit from improved operational efficiencies and would have significant opportunity for value creation through inorganic growth / M&A
Ideal partner would be interested in pursuing a self-funded search on a full-time basis and would have complementary skills with either (1) similar background (e.g., finance/IB/PE/M&A/Investing) or (2) operational experience (e.g., experience managing a team, P&L responsibilities, etc.).
To the extent anyone reading this has similar search criteria and thinks a synergistic relationship might exist by teaming up, please DM me as I’d love to connect for a discussion!