Wondering if anyone has been playing with ChatGPT and found it to be useful for anything related to your search?

I'll share anything I find beneficial.




If you aren't on Twitter, I highly recommend it.

I plan to see what I can get AgentGPT to do.


agree with all the comments saying 'trust but verify' with chatGPT. It also continues to struggle w/ Financials


Nothing crazy so far, but it has been good for brainstorming or thinking of ways to articulate things.

I can really see where the next iteration of this thing could be a game changer though.

- fed it the "buy then build" target statement outline along with examples and asked it to generate target statements.

- gave it the criteria a good SOP should contain and then asked it to create one for different things.

- asked it to write an investment thesis on a couple different sectors. Fairly generic, but it got better as I gave it more info and asked better questions.

- It does ok with questions like: provide examples of small businesses that provide niche mission critical services.

- It can write app script/code for google sheets,python, etc... I'm sure someone more 'code-savy' than I am could get it to write tools for financial analysis or valuation.

- gave it my resume and DISC profile and asked it the best way to convey my skills align with operating a small business. Generic response, but I think with more prompting it could get better.

- asked it to act like a CPA, Private Equity Analyst, & Investor and then prompted it with various questions.