Hi all -

I'm here to support one company or organization as a CEO/COO.

I love the game of business (don't watch sports - business is my sport) and have honed my skills and talents over the past 15 years as a leader in scaling and operating companies.

I've used my skills to solve challenging problems, build teams, strategize game plans, and improve operations.

My track record has given support to multiple companies by:
• Built team and infrastructure (including software, systems, and consultants) for a business unit for $1B+ company • Increase sale value of companies and help position them for maximum exit value • Developed and built a private label product line (including team & supply chain management) for $300mm company • Supported Founder from first hire to exit ($100k to $8mm). • Negotiated value of company to 2x revenue (still have not seen this done anywhere before) • Spearheaded acquisitions of several businesses, products, and customer databases to perform a “roll-up” (grew company from $12mm to $24mm through this strategy) • Facilitate the mergers of founders, leadership, and teams into new organizational structures post acquisitions • Optimized business for growth & expansion through holistic approach

I'm at a new point in my career where I'm looking to provide value to an organization at the C-Suite Level. Something I can sink my teeth into and help with strategy, team building, & ops.

Would love to have a discussion with anyone who is looking for support to see if there is a fit. If I can't help you, I might know someone in my network who can.

Look forward to connecting.