Hello everybody! I come to tell my case to the big group here! In February / 2021 I took over a family business that operates in the Pest Control segment, located in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. Brazil. Although at the time I didn't understand anything about the business, it was a unique opportunity and I joined with my dream of becoming an entrepreneur! Before taking over, I had already audited the numbers (I worked for 5 years at EY), so to sum up, I took a company with cash, about to end government contracts (40% of revenue), delayed in digitization (no system, site without security certificate, etc) and, what made me most comfortable in the decision to accept this challenge, with long-term customers (> 10 years) who pay more for the service than they would pay to a competitor, but feel extremely satisfied! Since Feb/21 until now, I have been tidying up the company, I had to let go of employees due to the fall in work, we are closing a line of business that brings low profitability and a lot of risk and digitizing the company! But what keeps echoing in my head is: How to add value to my customer? It's not a simple answer, because I serve clients of all kinds! If anyone has experience in the field or similar segments, it would be great to hear your ideas. Thanks,