Neil Saxon and his wife acquired a mental health group practice for just over 100 grand.

They quickly realized they'd bought a lemon.

The business didn't generate the reported $120k in cash flow.

In fact, it was losing money.

It got so bad in the months post-acquisition that Neil and his wife considered just reselling the business on Craigslist.

(Neil calls it their "Craigslist moment.")

But they didn't go that route.


Because slowly but surely they figured out the business, and ultimately grew a thriving, multi-office practice.

You see health-related practices for sale quite often on BizBuySell, so I was eager to hear what it's really like to buy one.

Neil explains it all.

He also shares a couple techniques learned along their journey that took them from incremental growth, to more of a hockey stick.

There was definitely an inflection point; for the first six years they grinded it out, and then revenues shot up.

So listen for that:

Buying a Therapy Practice & Selling for Millions

Enjoy the episode,