Greetings searchers – I’ve enjoyed looking through this site and hearing more about your approach to potential deals. I wanted to reach out regarding my current software business, RightBid. We generate custom research through our high speed web-crawling system. We’ve completed over 150 projects for the largest consulting firms and over 20 private equity firms and I think we could produce similar research for searchers. Many of our projects have involved reading out “Find a Location” directories. For instance, we can search for party rental companies from Yellowpages or Yelp or putting together a list of all heart surgeons in the Southwest US. Many of these sites provides phone numbers and we have our own “email script” where we look at individual websites to retrieve email addresses that can allow you to reach out directly to potential targets. (I sent over 40,000 emails growing RightBid so I can relate to the whole search process). If you’d like to discuss how RightBid could help your Search Fund feel free to message me!


Zach Blatt