I am building a deal team prior to having a deal in hand in order to move quickly and efficiently once an ideal opportunity presents itself. My list of provider needs is below and I am seeking your best recommendations for qualified and cost-effective providers. The size of the target will determine the necessity of need. Thank you in advance for your recommendations!

Legal: competent counsel for fund set-up, legal due diligence, and transaction execution

Financial: QoE/QoR provider, financial due diligence

Information Technology: IT due diligence (systems, security, etc.)

Insurance: commercial lines provider, reps & warranties provider, benefits provider, Insurance due diligence (target company policy review)

Human Resources: HR due diligence (plans, benefits, compliance, etc.)

Lending: 'easy to work with' non-SBA lenders

Investors: Preferred Equity investors that are comfortable with 15-30% targeted IRRs and investment horizons of <6 years

Mentors: Anyone who has done this before and is willing to teach an old dog new tricks