When was a PE analyst, he saw people who'd built 9-figure blue collar empires.

Eventually he asked himself:

Why not me?

Fast forward. He's now the owner of a commercial landscaping biz in Atlanta.

He actually wasn't interested in landscaping at first.

But then he realized commercial (vs residential) landscaping has some great characteristics:

recurring, low churn, extreme fragmentation

So he bought Georgia Scapes, which generates $3-5m in annual revenue with 15-20% margins.

Adrian acquired it for ~3x but growth has been so strong already that the rearview multiple is closer to 2x.

The latest Acquiring Minds episode has his story plus tons more:

✅ M&A vs. operations - which skill is more important?

✅ Transition - how he almost screwed it up, then got it right

✅ Lessons he learned from those blue collar guys during his PE days

Adrian's a strong communicator.

Something tells me I'll see him on stage at a future SMBash.

Find the episode in your favorite podcast player:

"Building a Blue Collar Empire"

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Website: https://bit.ly/35Ti8an