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Our client is offering an invention that will revolutionize interior fire control. Their patent-pending radical approach to fire control consists of machines that are both economical and easy to build. These machines create large quantities of inert air on site which, when pumped into a dwelling on fire, will refill it with inert air making it fireproof inside and yet, the "inert air" produced contains enough oxygen to be breathable and support life, both human and animal. Our client’s product installed on small, lightweight vehicles can provide a fast response that will dominate (early stage) out-of-control interior fires in the first few minutes after being applied. The technology not only extinguishes fires, but systematically removes deadly smoke and heat from a dwelling. Each vehicle will create over 5000 cubic feet of breathable, fireproof air every minute at a fire scene (enough to fill a 10-room home 5 times over every 10 minutes. Once a home is filled with inert air it becomes fireproof inside and any burning fire is extinguished). This powerful technology costs much less than standard water trucks, yet can extinguish fires more quickly. Using this new technique will make fighting early stage interior fires seem relatively easy compared to using water. The equipment costs $100 per hour to operate and eliminates all water damage. Fighting interior fires using our client's first-generation mobile equipment is just the beginning for this technology. Our client’s patent-pending claims it could also be developed into Automated Breathable Air Building Fire Control Systems activated by smoke detectors; great for millions of homes, businesses, libraries, storage areas, computer rooms, hospitals, hi-rises buildings, restaurants, museums and more, all over the world. Future expectations of this technology could also include meeting the challenge of warehouse fires, brush and forest fires. Our client’s Technology is Pre-seed/Pre-capital with no outside investment. The technology created is the work of an independent developer who is motivated to sell and move on to new inventions. This is the perfect opportunity to take over a project that the inventor has taken as far as he can without substantial financial backing NDA is required to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Detailed Information Facilities: N/A Growth & Expansion: Virtually unlimited and world-wide Financing: Seller may provide some financing depending on offer Support & Training: As needed – specific terms for transition support can be negotiated. The Seller wishes to facilitate a successful and smooth transfer of the Business. Reason for Selling: Other business interests

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