I didn't post this in the deals because this isn't a conventional acquisition opportunity. Two years ago we had an opportunity to acquire a boutique consulting firm whose bread and butter was quality, process improvement/lean manufacturing and product transitions for tier 1/2/3 suppliers in the automotive industry. Classic profile in many ways, principle was past retirement age and wanted someone to continue the business. The deal was structured largely as an earn-out for a variety of reasons.

Fast forward to today.

The automotive industry (at least the portions this company has historically supported) remains an extremely challenging environment. Historically major accounts have been struggling. For a variety of reasons we are not able to put in the time in business development and sourcing new opportunities both in terms of accounts and consultants.

Simply put, we are hoping we can find a partner that would allow us to exit but more importantly provides opportunities for the remaining consultants on our rolls. We're down to just a handful of consultants, two of which are currently deployed. We do have a pretty good roll of contacts for someone that is better prepared to develop those relationships. If this sounds interesting, let me know.