Hi everyone,

TL;DR is I put together (www.searchertools.com) to help people find the various tools that other searchers have found effective for them.

Finding the right set of tools and resources during your search is still really hard and time consuming. It shouldn't be.

Throughout my search, I've spoken to countless people about what tools they use and how they use them. I see lots of posts on here about tools, templates, etc. It's clearly something that all serious searchers spend a lot of time on. It's an important part of your success. Establishing a highly automated, low cost (I'm self-funded), scalable solution is a big advantage for your search.

To make that a bit easier for the folks coming behind, I put together a little side project at www.searchertools.com. It's totally free and a resource for the community. I only did it to help others as so many before me helped me along the way.

You can:
Add tools you use and find helpful.
Upvote the ones you recommend.
Leave a review (good or bad) if you feel strongly!

You can filter by category, type of search (traditional/self-funded/sponsored, etc), and by phase of the search.

So, please check it out. Again, it's free. I hope it's useful. If you have any feedback, let me know! Good luck searching.

- Eric