Former searcher/operator with successful exit, under LOI again through a self-funded search with an exciting target in the behavioral health/addiction treatment industry. Company provides services (picks and shovels) to the quickly growing industry (~$2.6M EBITDA). Large and increasing base of recurring revenue, with strong client list. Will be joining as CEO again, with a goal of providing increased access to quality care.

Solid investor core, with many of the familiar faces involved in the deal. Depending on participation levels over the coming week, we may have room for up to 20% of equity available (up to $2mm remaining). Strong preference for investors/funds with experience or portfolio companies in health care/behavioral health/hospital organizations.



Led search in 2013 with Graycourt Capital, resulting in the acquisition of The Pet Loss Center. As CEO, led The Pet Loss Center’s expansion from 2 to 8 locations, as a leading provider of cremation services nationwide (inc1000). Sold PLC in 2020, resulting in a 2.4X MOIC to investors.

Stanford GSB 10. Bain & Company. US Army.