I am one of the few who believe that it is worth investing some of my own capital (and time) in my home country Peru. I am happily married with a baby and will be graduating from Babson's exciting 2-year MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship in May.

I've enjoyed going through most of the future career options - getting back into the corporate world through Amazon until things got a little sticky (unfortunately for them). I then took courses and did hours of business planning with the dream of launching an edtech company. Yeah, that's trendy! The challenge of this project is staying in the US as an international student for this to happen. I'll keep the plan in a drawer until the time comes and there's more cash in my pockets. So after also exploring franchising and distribution, I landed on a great port: entrepreneurship through acquisition. I am taking a class on Buying a Small Business with Professor John Hallal and I found Searchfunder.com that way.

My track record: I was employed, 5 years at L'Oréal and 5 at Samsung Electronics. I developed my general management skills by planning and executing the expansion to 27 brand stores in Peru. Sales, retail and product management was my day to day for 10 years.

The main challenge I see now is fundraising: Friends & family are great, but not enough! Can you recommend to me any investors that would be open to evaluate this search in Peru?