Hi all,

I’m a searcher, but not a buyer. My group at J.P. Morgan Private Bank helps prepare business owners on the personal side of their balance sheet both before and after liquidity events. We do this via personal net wealth projections from hypothetical sale prices/terms, investments management, tax strategy, lending and trust/estate structuring. Our team also has extensive resources in private business advisory and family governance/succession planning. Typical deal size ranges between $25mm-$500mm with pre-tax proceeds to the seller of $5mm-$150mm.

Why should we work together?

1. Our interests are aligned. We are both looking for owners of businesses for sale. You want to buy the business, I want to help the business owner prepare and then manage the liquidity/provide credit post sale (how J.P. Morgan makes money, of course).
2. Our interests are aligned. Sellers sometimes shy away from searchers because you have to sell the investors after LOI which presents a break up risk. While we can’t help there, we can offset this uncertainty as we work to put the seller at ease with the numbers being discussed. In other words - what number to sell for to achieve their money goals with reasonable certainty across 1000+ scenario model (retirement, charitable intent, legacy wealth, etc.). Once they know their “minimum viable sale price” to make their dreams happen, negotiations become less personal and more relaxed. Good for you and investors.
3. Our interests are aligned. I spend all day, every day contacting owners of privately held businesses in the hopes that they sell. You spend all day, every day contacting owners of privately held businesses in the hopes that they sell. It helps me get in the door if I have a network of potential buyers (that’s you). It helps you find a business if you have another source of leads (that’s me). Let’s share notes.
4. Most importantly, at the risk of repeating myself, our interests are aligned.

Please reach out to me at --@----.com so we can set up time to chat about working together. I can send businesses your way and you can introduce me to sellers.