I am currently pursuing a Shopify back-in-stock SaaS product that is currently being sold by a PE firm. The sellers are willing to execute LOI with me but they want to see a support letter from a strong capital partner. Is anyone here or know of a investor firm who might be willing to issue a support letter provided they like the deal?

Deal Structure (proposed by the M&A firm)

  1. Purchase Price: $15M-$16M (~5.5x EBITDA)
  2. Cash at closing: 80%
  3. Seller Note: 20% repaid in 12 months after closing (transition period) and tied to successful transition and performance benchmarks during the transition period.


  1. Execute LOI: end of June
  2. Closing date: 1-Sep-2024

    Capital Structure
    1. Open to traditional/independent sponsor/self-funded models
    2. Debt + Equity (tentatively equal split)


  1. Trusted by brands like Kylie Cosmetics, Steve Madden and SKIMS
  2. ~60% EBITDA margins and 98% monthly net revenue retention
  3. More than 12 years in operation with a fully-remote team
  4. A lean team of 8 people leaving room for more hires
  5. Owns the US trademark
  6. $575k annual revenue per employee
  7. 4.8 star from 800+ reviews on Shopify app store

Growth Areas

  1. 58% of customers on legacy pricing
  2. Establish a sales and social media content teams
  3. Integrate with other Commerce platforms like Salesforce Commerce
  4. Establish alliance with platforms and agencies
  5. Take advantage of Shopify's big push into the enterprise space and target more enterprise clients

Based on my strong eCommerce experience with Deloitte, the sellers have shown interest in engaging with me https://www.linkedin.com/in/avinashboyana/

Any connections/intros will be greatly appreciated. https://calendly.com/aboyana/30min

contact: --@----.com