Looking for a buyer.
I founded and operate a high-growth B2B conference and media business focused on various technology sectors. Our largest brand is AI focused, then we have real estate tech, banking tech, SMB innovation, longevity biotech, and a new DeFi show- https://ai4.io/usa, https://retconference.com/usa, https://bankforum.io, https://smbworld.io/, https://longevitysummit.io/, https://re-define.io/, etc. - and we're raising a round to help us scale our existing brand and launch new ones. In 2019, we had an executive join our company who also invested. I like the alignment of incentives that comes from that relationship. On searchfunder, I'm looking for someone like that who could invest in this round as well as join our company as an exec. For the right person, becoming CEO after working with us a bit is reasonable.

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exclusive representation
Austin, TX, USA
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