I'm fairly new to the Search Funder platform so I'll give a brief introduction. I Co-Founded a Search Fund called Morené Capital Group alongside my partner, Jake Heimowitz. We are acquiring businesses in the automotive sales industry.

We've recently hired a number of Private Equity Analysts Interns (about 17). Moreover we are hiring several Marketing Interns and Data Analyst interns in the next week. We wanted to provide access to the search process to interested students and early career professionals.

After interviewing candidates whom had experience in FinTech and research using languages such as Python, R, C, etc. we realized we might have tasks available for a few Data Analyst / programming roles. At the moment, we are thinking about assigning work such as web scraping for deal origination and finding key decision makers. Moreover tracking accounts receivable size and inventory t/o as a way of predicting distress/ default risk across dealerships. However, this does not seem like it would fully challenge the candidates that we have chosen, and we want to provide a fulfilling experience for them. Does anyone have insight into tasks that can be automated within the search process that would be fulfilling for people in this role?

Any guidance in this area would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Yann Sylvester
President, Automotive Succession Partners
C0-Founder, Morené Capital Group