I'm looking for a potential co-founder with an accounting background. After studying search funds and talking to a few searchers, I'm going after a slightly different thesis. I plan to do a SMB accounting rollup that'll provide. the cash and deal to later do our own micro private equity.

My strong suits are sales and marketing; I've spent the last 3 years in SMB consulting. Looking for an entrepreneurial accountant partner. If you have interest, please send a DM. Thanks!

Here's the high level plan:
- Buy a bookkeeping/accounting firm for $500k-1.5M

  • Streamline the operation and get the bookkeeping costs down
    - Hire day to day bookkeepers in India/Philippines and some US account managers
    -Bill out bookkeeping for $65-80/hour and keep costs around $20-30/hour
    - Stay away from tax work. so CPAs willingly refer bookkeeping clients
    - Cross sell consulting services for $[redacted]mo to some of the clients, average billable rate is $[redacted]hour
    - Build up the consulting team to 5-6 team members
    - Keep marketing and growing organically, while pursuing 1-2 acquisitions per year
    - Get the whole company up to $4-5M and 25% profit, then start acquiring other businesses