Our team at Bloom Equity (the SaaS buyout fund within Bloom Venture Partners) secured an off-market divestiture of a video management SaaS company with outstanding potential for growth. This deal came through a warm referral from a partner at an Australian based VC-firm.

High-level overview:

  1. Off-market $2.6m SaaS business at a significant discount, around 1x ARR (67% discount to fair value)
  2. Profitable business with strong fundamentals and plenty of opportunities for growth
  3. Based on our projections, this deal is positioned to deliver a 14.1x cash on cash return for Bloom and our investors over 5 years

We now have an opportunity to inject Bloom’s operating playbook into an undervalued asset and deliver premium returns to investors, but we only have this deal under contract until December 31st (tight timeline, but it's part of the reason why we were able to secure such a great deal).

If you are interested in investing and sharing the upside with us, let’s chat. Message me or comment below and I will share our detailed investment deck.