I've been working with a Low code team to automate some processes in our company. I have enjoyed the process, and now I'm exploring new products that could be used by others.

Please let me know if you are actively looking to build automate, or build new tools and I'll reach out to discuss.


Since people asked here are a few examples what we have developed since November.:

Converting PDF data into Google sheets we have used this for a few areas:

1. Taking PDF invoices and making them into sortable information

2. Taking provider catalogs and organizing them into a pricing sheet

Scraping Linkedin for sales leads, populating google sheet:

Using Persist IQ, we have scraped linkedin, and connected it with Zapier to a google sheets document. We are using their software to send batch emails to new prospects.

KPI dashboard

We have integrated our invoicing, inbound marketing, and our CRM into a KPI dashboard using action desk.