Hey everyone, thank you for having me in the community.

I've decided to pursue eCommerce Business acquisitions and have had a long history of performance operating and scaling brands as an Owner of an eCommerce Marketing agency for 3 years now. (Case studies available)
I'm currently looking for an investor to partner with who already has had experience investing in 6/7 figure acquisitions and is looking to team up with an operator like myself.

Our target acquisition criteria are:

- Pets/hobbies/Communities-related DTC brands

- $2,000,000-5,000,000 revenue per year range

- Operating on the Shopify/WooCommerce/ BigCommerce platforms

- Sells replenishable/consumable products (possibility for subscriptions = recurring revenue)

- Not dependent on paid ads (can grow organically)

- Target Market US, CA, UK, EU countries

Currently, I only have lower 6 figures in capital so I'm looking to connect with investors who are interested in equity and a small share of profits in exchange for funding.

Here's what I am looking for in our silent investor partner:

  • - Up to $5m amount of capital
  • - Experience in eCommerce is a plus
  • - A history of investing in acquisitions of online businesses

If you have questions on what makes a quality eCommerce brand let me know in the comments, I'm glad to be here and hope to be an active part of this community!