I like the search fund model but am focused on a multi-target acquisition and roll-up strategy which will seek to consolidate several businesses into a core. I am also interested in running this as a small PE fund where we manage a portfolio of companies versus a single acquisition search fund play.

My initial thoughts are to execute an initial acquisition of the core first to launch with LPs (independent sponsor to begin), then acquire add-ons over time, integrate post-merger, optimize balance sheet and expand earnings, and rinse and repeat, etc.

I envision this would have me serve as a "global CFO" of sorts maintaining the financials, searching for new targets, reporting to LPs, etc., for all operating entities while my management team executes on the day-to-day operations making sure we are running a tight ship.

Is anyone else doing this and free to speak by phone sometime? If so, please comment or like and I will reach out to you directly. Thanks!