Good evening all! I'm a relatively new searcher, having only thought about acquisition entrepreneurship about a month ago. I've been doing my legwork poking into various industries, trying to find something that feels like a good fit for me... and seems to be a good candidate for consolidation. I've decided on electricians.

That said, I was curious if there's anybody out there with advice. Items I'm concerned about:

* Licensure - Most of the firms I'm discovering are owner-operated with the license being carried by the owner. I'm worried that since I am not a professional electrician, this will hinder my ability to purchase.
* Location - To follow on the heels of the above: My secondary fear here is that licensure requirements are going to be variable from jurisdiction to jurisdiction (sometimes state, sometimes local from what I can read)... This leaves me concerned that even if I can find the right fit for one area, I'm not going to gain efficiency on successive purchases (basically, I'll need to do some heavy retention planning for any licensed professionals that aren't owners... in each location).

Does anybody have experience buying electricians (and would be willing to share some tips)?