Let’s think differently about wealth creation and small business ownership.

Millions of dollars in wealth have been created by individuals who have shunned traditional career paths to buy and grow small businesses. Our goal is to enable people of all backgrounds to participate in the greatest wealth building mechanism our society has to offer.

Join us for MIT’s 7th annual ETA conference, this year in partnership with the Northeast ETA community (NEETA), for the New Frontiers in Small Business Acquisition Conference on April 16th, 2023.

Together with a diverse group of investors, business leaders, academic thought partners, and expert practitioners, come learn more about the many forms of small business acquisition, the opportunity it has to create a more equitable society, and the role you can play to change the world.

Whether you are familiar with the model, or this is the first time you’ve heard about ETA this year’s program has something for you, especially if you consider yourself a non-traditional prospective owner (be it race, gender, ethnicity, career background, etc).

The only way to achieve generational wealth is through the ownership of assets. It is time to begin the conversation on how to diversify small business acquisition. We will unpack key questions including which model to use, what career progression to expect, where to search, whether to build or buy, and more.

This student-led event is presented by the ETA Club at MIT Sloan School of Management, in partnership with the NEETA Community.


MIT x NEETA Leadership Teams

Event Registration here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mit-sloan-eta-summit-2023-tickets###-###-####