Investing in enduringly profitable small businesses... I am excited to share that we are officially launching our investment fund! We have already identified our the fund’s first investment too. May is going to be a fast-moving month for us and I can’t wait to share more.

Please DM for more information!

Fund benefits for you We will invest in the acquisition of ~10 enduringly profitable small businesses fitting a very specific profile in partnership with highly qualified acquisition entrepreneurs.

We will deliver the following benefits to our investors:

Unique deal flow (we source all of the deals ourselves through our extensive network in the space)

Strong return profile and history (while we are taking a new, unique approach- similar investment models have been studied- see Stanford Search Study)

Proper diversification (~10 investments will give us enough diversification without sacrificing returns)

Conservative due diligence (we subject both the companies and our acquisition partners to a proprietary due diligence process)

Projected Returns - Internal Rate of Return (IRR): 24%; Average Cash on Cash Return: 12%; Equity Multiple: 2.8x