On behalf of the Fruition Capital team I am excited to announcing the upcoming launch of our next fund dedicated to investing in self-funded searchers. We are actively looking for entrepreneurs to partner with, so if your search parameters are in alignment with our investment criteria (below) we'd love to talk.

To briefly re-introduce ourselves, we are an anchor investor who brings "friendly equity" that enables self-funded searchers to retain full control of and a majority of ownership in the acquired company. Our average check size is in the $800k - $1.2M range and we bring the expertise of our partner team (which includes multiple successful exits) to help advise our entrepreneur partners through the transaction and well beyond.

We invest exclusively in B2B companies with stable EBITDA >$1M (sweet spot closer to $2M) in old economy (non-tech) industries that have been in business for +10 years and have a diverse base of repeat customers.

If that sounds like the sort of business you're looking for - regardless of where you are in your search process - please send me a DM or email --@----.com and we'll get connected.