All aspiring searchers eventually will need to confront the prospect of "what do I do once this deal closes". How do you announce that you are taking over? Should you even be the one to announce it? What do you say?

This week, United Rentals -- a $25bn public company -- announced that it was acquiring Ahern Rentals, a company that has struggled somewhat over the past few years. Ahern is run by Don Ahern, whose parents founded the company in###-###-#### It has more than 2,000 employees. United Rentals is a seasoned acquirer, so it knows how to manage the transition process and announce a change in ownership.

Here is the video from Don Ahern announcing the transaction and what it means to employees. It's only ten minutes long but sets a public example of the sort of things you may want to consider saying if and when you successfully execute a transaction and start the transition process. It's hardly the only example of what is possible or desirable in a transition message, as those parameters are different for every small company. But it's a good starting place : /ee90430249