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This ambulance transportation service has an established staff including 1 general manager, 2 division supervisors, 2 billing reps, 9 dispatchers, 13 medics, 31 EMTs, 6 drivers, and 2 mechanics. This team is ready and able to service their committed client base made up of Midwest based hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers, and the VA. They have “first call” contracts with the majority of their clients, and their services include both emergency and non-emergency ambulance transport – which makes up 80% of their services – as well as wheelchair accessible or specialty transport, event standby, and EMS education services. Included in the purchase of this business is over $800,000 worth of assets including the vehicles and equipment necessary for the continued success of this business. The current owners are looking to sell as one is looking to retire and the other is interested in developing a non-competing business endeavor and they have offered a transition/ training period of 6 months. They both believe their responsibilities could be absorbed by their general manager as this GM has handled their responsibilities in the past. This business operates out of a 20,000 square feet combined garage and dispatch center. The new business owner would have the opportunity to either lease this facility from the current owner or purchase it outright in a separate transaction. Growth opportunities for this business moving forward would include getting involved with insurance contracts to offer community paramedic services including home visits to decrease individuals with a high rate of repeatedly needing ambulance assistance. Priced at $2,870,000, this business is primed to return new ownership high levels of financial and operational success. With a profit margin of 24% this business is not only a sound investment, but important to their community. This business provides lifesaving services in a way that makes a huge impact in their clients’ lives, and with the purchase of this business, you could take part in making a change.

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Nebraska, USA
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